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We are delighted to share with you some more information on our Expert Pods taking place at The Scottish Growth Summit.


Hosted by Scottish Enterprise, these pod sessions will cover:

  • Business Growth and Strategy

  • Workplace Innovation 

  • Leadership and Management

  • Intellectual Property

  • Sustainability and Net Zero Transition 


We have two options to enable you to chat with the Scottish Enterprise Experts

  1. by booking a one-to-one with them via the links in the table below 

  2. by joining a group expert pod session (these will take place from 12.55 - 1.25pm on the day


Spaces are limited for the one-to-one sessions so please do get booked if would like to secure a spot. There is no need to book for the group sessions, spaces for these will be allocated on a first come first served basis during lunch.

What Pods are there?

Business Growth and Strategy Pod
Hosted by Claire Partridge, High Growth Companies Account Manager and Lisa Primrose Gibson, Business Growth advisor

Leadership & Management Pod
Hosted by Nicky Hoey, Workplace Innovation Specialist

Innovation Pod
Hosted by Lindsay Kirk and Gemma Lee, Innovation Specialists

Intellectual Property Pod
Hosted by Alison Butchart, Intellectual Property Specialist

Sustainability / Net Zero Transition Pod
Hosted by Allison MacPherson and Emma Whittet, Sustainability Specialists

Who are the Hosts and How do I book a 1-2-1??

Claire Partridge - As a High Growth Companies Account Manager with Scottish Enterprise, Claire leverages over 15 years of experience in product development and business growth to support Scotland's future high-growth businesses. She combines her professional expertise with personal experience as a working mum and small business owner to offer practical advice for overcoming growth barriers.


Lisa Gibson - With nearly two decades of experience in Economic Development for Glasgow City Council, Lisa is a Business Growth Advisor passionate about helping businesses build strong foundations. She offers insights and resources for startups and growing companies facing challenges or seeking new opportunities.

Gemma Lee - Gemma has extensive experience in international trade, inward investment, organisational development, and innovation. Based in Forth Valley, she supports growth businesses with innovation project assistance, offering market validation tips and development advice.

Lindsay Kirk - An Innovation Specialist with over 20 years in economic development, Lindsay specialises in helping businesses develop new products, processes, and business models. With a Masters in Entrepreneurial Leadership, she provides valuable advice to early-stage companies on product validity and common pitfalls.

Nicky Hoey - A Workplace Innovation Specialist with 30 years in HR, Nicky focuses on harnessing the power of people for business growth. She offers expert advice on leadership development, talent attraction and retention, and employee engagement to support businesses in the central belt of Scotland.

Alison Butchart - An Intellectual Property Specialist, Alison uses her 15+ years of experience to help businesses protect their assets and strengthen their brand through effective IP management, enhancing investment propositions and developing additional revenue streams.

Allison MacPherson - With over two decades in the sustainability field, Allison provides comprehensive support in sustainability and low carbon practices. She assists organisations in adopting renewable energy solutions, improving energy efficiency, and reducing environmental impacts, helping businesses enhance their green credentials.

Emma Whittet - A Sustainability Specialist with 8+ years in the environmental sector, Emma specialises in resource efficiency, offering services like energy-saving assessments, waste management improvements, and net zero action plans. She supports businesses in sustainable growth and developing roadmaps to net zero.

Please do take advantage of this vast array of expertise from Scottish Enterprise available to you at the Scottish Growth Summit. Get those one-to-one's booked in now or map out the group sessions that are a focus when it comes to the growth of your business.

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