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Maximising Social Media Content Opportunities at the Scottish Growth Summit

All-day conferences can be a goldmine for content creation, offering a plethora of opportunities to engage with your audience on social media both during and in the aftermath of the event. From keynote speakers and panel discussions to networking sessions and workshops, each session can be transformed into valuable content. In this blog post, we’ll explore strategies to maximise social media content opportunities

1. Plan Ahead

a. Research Speakers and Topics

  • Before the Scottish Growth Summit: Research the speakers, topics, and schedule. Identify key sessions and speakers that align with your brand and audience.

b. Engage with Attendees

  • Join Our Online Community on LinkedIn Join our SGS forum on Linkedin to engage with attendees and speakers before the event. Search our hashtag #SGS2024 to interact on the posts of fellow attendees.

  • Promote Attendance: Announce that you are attending and tag us in your posts in advance of the event for a share on our socials.

2. Capture Behind-the-Scenes Content

  • Document the Experience: Share behind-the-scenes videos and photos showcasing the conference atmosphere and tag SGS for shares across our socials.

  • Networking: Aim to follow each of the businesswomen you speak with during the event on social media, so you can tag them in relevant posts shared during or after the event and engage in their event content too.

3. Post-Event Content

a. Recap and Reflections

  • Share Takeaways: Post a recap of the conference, highlighting key takeaways and learnings.

b. Repurpose Content

  • Create Blog Posts: Transform live tweets, interviews, and insights into detailed blog posts.

  • Develop social media posts and Infographics: Compile data and insights from the conference into visually appealing infographics and posts on social media to encourage discussion among your followers.

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