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Our Workshops.

Each of our workshops will run 3 times throughout the day - ensuring that all attendees will be able to attend each one.  When you register in the morning you will be given a personalised timetable to tell you what time you will be in each.

All our workshops have been sponsored by leading organisations in the field they are speaking on.  

Radio show microphones
Radio show microphones

The Importance of Thought Leadership sponsored by Muckle Media

Muckle Media takes us through the importance of thought leadership and how this fits into the world of communications and marketing in 2024.


Thought leadership is a fantastic way to build your profile and be positioned as an expert in your field. In this workshop we’ll share top tips for identifying your thought leadership niche and building out your opinions on key topics relevant to your business, to leverage for business outcomes.


This can apply at all stages of business. At the start-up and launch stage, having a clear and distinctive thought leadership position can help you cut through the media and secure free, earned media coverage in key titles to get you in front of your audience. Later into your business journey, the right thought leadership can help drive sales and investment.


We’ll share top tips that can be taken away and applied the next day to develop your positioning and start to seed thought leadership content.


In 2024, traditional and digital press remains relevant and depends on your business and audience. TV and radio coverage can reach a wide audience, whereas niche trade coverage can help with B2B sales and build your credibility. Having an effective earned media strategy can also support your social media and paid marketing activities by boosting the reach of your content and story.


In this workshop, we’ll help you unlock what your unique thought leadership position is, why it is important to your business, and how you can bring it to life and get results.

Financial Meeting

Empower Your Financial Future sponsored by RBS

An Unmissable Workshop Hosted by Carla Buchanan, Local Enterprise Manager at RBS

In today's dynamic economic landscape, characterised by unprecedented uncertainties, the power to comprehend and command your finances is not just a luxury—it's a necessity. Whether you're at the dawn of your entrepreneurial journey or an established business magnate, understanding your numbers can be the lynchpin to success.

Recent times have seen many of us grappling with our financial sheets, ensuring that every penny and pound aligns with our operational needs. This workshop doesn't intend to question or challenge your financial acumen. Instead, it's a golden ticket to a trove of tools, resources, and insights that will not only illuminate the financial intricacies of your business but also arm you with the confidence to make well-informed decisions.


Here's why our workshop with Local Enterprise Manager from Royal Bank of Scotland Carla Buchanan is absolutely unmissable for the women in business who will be attending the Scottish Growth Summit, no matter where they stand on their business journey:

  • Mind the Gap: Get a clear picture of your financial strengths and, more importantly, the areas that demand your attention.

  • Decoding Financial Statements: Delve deep into how these documents mirror the heartbeat of your finances, guiding your present and shaping your future.

  • Risk Management: Recognise potential threats and risks that might jeopardise your business's financial stability, and be prepared, not scared.

  • Toolkit Confidence: It's one thing to have the tools; it's another to wield them with confidence. Leave no stone unturned in using them to your business's advantage.

  • Clarity Above All: Elevate your understanding and grasp the true financial position of your business. Knowledge, after all, is power.

Join us, and take a transformative step towards a more prosperous, confident, and enlightened financial future. 

Holding a Mobile Phone
Industrial Engineer

Business Growth & Strategy Planning sponsored by Scottish Enterprise

Hosted by Claire Partridge - High Growth Account Manager at Scottish Enterprise & Lisa Gibson - Business Advisor at Business Glasgow, this interactive session will incorporate an unmissable lesson on business growth developed by two leading organisations in enterprise in Glasgow and in Scotland followed by a planning exercise where our delegates will set their own growth goals for the year using SMART objectives. 

You will not only leave this workshop inspired by new learnings to take into your business right away, but you will also leave with a plan to help you achieve those big goals that will drive long-term growth.

Here are some of the key areas of focus you can expect to be covered in this workshop

  • Planning for Growth

  • What's Holding You Back

  • Setting Objectives

  • Setting Intentions

  • Accountability

  • Creation of "Your Growth Plan"

By the end of the workshop, you won't just be inspired by new insights to apply immediately in your business, but you'll also walk away with a solid plan to help you achieve those ambitious goals that will drive long-term growth. 

Learn more about our Expert Pods!

We are delighted to share with you some more information on our Expert Pods taking place at The Scottish Growth Summit.


Hosted by Scottish Enterprise, these pod sessions will cover:

  • Business Growth and Strategy

  • Workplace Innovation 

  • Leadership and Management

  • Intellectual Property

  • Sustainability and Net Zero Transition 

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